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September 30, 2019

Common Mistakes New Sellers Make

There are plenty of mistakes that sellers make on a regular basis, especially if it is their first time selling a home. The key is identifying these pitfalls so that you can avoid them and the hassles that they bring along. Each of these mistakes can be expensive, and cost you in both time and money. But once you learn each of these common mistakes, you’ll figure out how to avoid them in the future. Let’s take a closer look at the mistakes that new sellers usually make. 

Not Understanding The Costs Of Selling

Some new sellers don’t fully understand that there are costs to selling. For example, you may need to move out and rent a new place while you showcase your property to prospective buyers. Obviously, you’ll need to consider repairs and closing costs. Some have even estimated that the costs to sell can be 5-10 percent of the final sale price. That’s pretty steep, especially if you don’t have enough equity to be comfortable financially.

Not Being Willing To Move On Price

Fair market value may not be what you envisioned when you first thought about selling your home. Holding on to a price that doesn’t make sense is one of the worst things you can do as a seller. The longer your property stays on the market, the more prospective buyers will wonder if something is wrong with the property. You need to be willing to move on the price. Don’t be afraid to be flexible. 

Refusing To Make Repairs

If your home needs a long list of repairs, buyers can be scared off. Buyers are already making a major investment in your property, they want to move in and feel at home. They don’t want to also have to deal with expensive repairs. Make sure that you make sure your property’s structure is intact and that key appliances are all in working order.

Refusing To Make Accommodations On Showing Times

Selling your property is a process, and you need to be prepared to jump through some hoops. That means having to accommodate prospective buyers. Sometimes a buyer won’t be able to make it to an open house and may request a specific time to come see the property. If you aren’t able or willing to meet that request, then you could be missing out on a potential sale.  If you are frustrated with the traditional home sale process, you aren’t alone. Most people don’t enjoy going through the process of selling their property, especially with all of the hoops that are necessary to jump through. That’s why more and more sellers in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas are looking at 4 Brothers Buy Houses. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. That means you can sell your property and get the cash you need immediately, without having to wait for several months. Contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses today and get cash for your home when you need it.
September 27, 2019

Why Lighting Matters When Selling Your Home

Have you ever gone into a store that wasn’t lit very well? Chances are that you didn’t stay long. Lighting at absolutely key to selling your property, but it is something that pretty much nobody in the real estate industry talks about. Realtors aren’t talking about how critical lighting is, and home sellers often don’t even know that their lighting is a problem until after the fact. If you can’t find your property easily at night, then your lighting is an issue. Likewise, if your property has poorly lit closets, kitchens, or bathrooms, you will also have problems attracting buyers. Let’s take a closer look at lighting in the home. 

If Your Home Is Dimly Lit, Buyers Will Assume You Have Something To Hide

You want to pay specific attention to areas such as the closets, storage areas, bedrooms, and hallways. You probably are going to have your kitchens and bathrooms fairly well lit, but you may mistakenly neglect these other areas. This is a mistake. You want to make sure that your entire home’s interior is well lit. Think about it from the perspective of a buyer. They may think that if your home is dimly lit, you are hiding something. Maybe they think there is a repair that you are trying to avoid. Either way, you want to avoid the perception that you have something to hide.

A Poorly Lit Exterior Makes It Difficult To Find Your Property At Night

If you want your property to sell, then you need to make sure that people can actually find it. Unfortunately, poor exterior lightning can make it very hard to find your property at night. That is why it is important to make sure that your yard is well-lit, and that your porch and driveway also have lighting. 

Improving Your Home’s Lightning Is Easy

The good news is that you can improve your home’s lighting relatively easily. Often, the change can be as simple as installing higher wattage light bulbs. You want to check and see what is the highest voltage that your fixtures can handle, but it isn’t that difficult to get started. You’ll also want to consider adding more light fixtures as well, so that you have a higher quantity of lighting. Another thing to consider is natural lighting inside the home. You’ll want to make sure that your home has enough lighting from natural sources to keep your living and bedroom areas well-lit during the day.  If you aren’t interested in handling lighting additions to your property, don’t fret. You can still sell your home. 4 Brothers Buy Houses is interested in purchasing your property, and we’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote at any time. That means you won’t have to wait for months to get the cash you need to move on with your life. 4 Brothers Buy Houses lets you sell your property on your own timeline, and on your own terms.
September 23, 2019

The 4 Real Estate Terms That You Must Understand

When selling your property, it is important to understand several real estate terms. If you aren’t a real estate industry regular, than these terms may seem unfamiliar to you. That is okay–as long as you are familiar with these terms, you’ll be able to successfully navigate the sale of your property. You want to make sure that you understand things like escrow, equity, and due diligence. You probably already understand what showcasing (your property to new prospective buyers) means. You also probably understand what renovation means. So let’s dive into the more complicated real estate terms.


An appraisal is when a professional determines the market value of your home. Typically, before you can take out a mortgage, the mortgage lender will send an appraiser to the property. The appraiser will determine if the property is worth the value of the loan, so that all parties are fully protected during the transaction. Appraisals are absolutely critical to the home sale process, and you need to understand how they work.


When your offer to buy a home is accepted, then you’ll need to send a portion of the money to escrow. Escrow is a third party, which is often unbiased, which holds the money until a transaction is complete. Once the transaction is finalized, the money is released and the deed is transferred. Escrow agents often hold other documents as well, such as loan documents, and title insurance. 


Equity is a critical term for sellers and buyers. The equity you own in your home is the market value of the property less any existing obligations. Thus, if you bought a home for $300,000, and your mortgage has been paid down to $100,000, then you have $200,000 in equity. The more equity you build, the stronger your financial options will be. More equity allows you to finance loans for repairs or renovations.


Closing is the finalization of the home sale process. During the closing period, homebuyers typically do due diligence on things like home inspections. All the paperwork is finalized during this period as well, and the two parties will exchange the deed and the keys of the property. All money in escrow is released at this point, and the sale process effectively ends. Closing also entails certain costs, such as taxes and loan fees.   Worried about going through the traditional selling process? Worried about how you are going to showcase your home to new buyers, or how you are going to handle all of the aspects of repairing and renovating your home? The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can sell your property to 4 Brothers Buy Houses and get the cash you need right away. Avoid the expensive and lengthy traditional selling process and sell your property on your terms. You can get a free, no obligation quote at any time. Call us today.
September 20, 2019

The New Home Trends Buyers Are Looking For

There is a wide range of new trends that homebuyers are looking for. If you are interested in selling your property, you need to be aware of what homebuyers are looking for. That is how you will maximize the sale of your property and get the strongest possible offers. Trends are constantly changing, and now millennials are entering the market and making new demands of what they want in a home. Here are some of the new trends that you’ll need to know if you are going to sell your property in the near future. 

Built-in Wine Coolers In Kitchens

Today’s home buyers are much more likely to be millennials. And millennials love wine. Millennials are driving wine trends, and enjoy buying wine online for shipment directly to their mailbox. Perhaps that is why millennials are looking for built-in wine coolers in their kitchens. This is an accessory that many older generations may have foregone, but millennial buyers are increasingly asking for it.

Tons Of Glass In Bathrooms

Older bathrooms used a lot of tiles, but these days buyers are more interested in having glass and stone. It is very important to make sure that you prioritize glass, especially when it comes to renovating your shower and adding doors. Younger buyers are also looking for showerheads with multiple options for spray strength. 

Motion Light Sensors

New buyers tend to be much more worried about their energy consumption. That is why motion light sensors are such an attractive perk. Motion light sensors reduce the need for turning on lights manually, and they also help to conserve energy over long periods of time. Installing them will save you money too, especially while showcasing the property. 

Open Floor Plans

Young buyers are looking for more space. They don’t want to feel cramped in their new homes. They want open floor plans that give them the space that they didn’t have when they were renting apartments. If you are selling your property, you need to be aware of this. You can rearrange furniture to provide more space, or you can do a significant renovation which may include knocking down a wall. Either way, you need to understand that it is important to provide prospective buyers with the appearance and feel of open space. The more cramped the interior of your property feels, the less likely it is to generate interest from young buyers. Looking to sell your home but aren’t sure if you can renovation to incorporate the latest trends? Don’t worry about having to go through a lengthy and expensive renovation process. Instead, give 4 Brothers Buy Houses a call. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on your property at any time. We’d be happy to work with you on the process so that you can sell your home on your own terms. Contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses today and get the cash for your home that you deserve.
September 16, 2019

4 Brothers Buy Houses Allowed Alfred And His Family To Move On

Sometimes, families inherit properties that they live in for awhile. These properties might be inherited after a relative moves, retires, or passes away. Often, families want to try to hold on to these properties until they are ready to sell. But problems with repair costs or other pressing financial needs makes it important to sell on a faster timeline. This is the story of Alfred , from Capital Heights, Maryland, and how 4 Brothers Buy Houses helped him get cash for his property, so that he could finally move on.

At First, Alfred Wasn’t Ready To Sell

When 4 Brothers Buy Houses first contacted Alfred, he wasn’t ready to sell his property. His brother was still living in it with him, and he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with it long term. Alfred wasn’t yet sure if he wanted to work on repairing the home himself, or if he wanted to take advantage of the immediate cash offer from 4 Brothers Buy Houses.

After His Brother Moved Out, Alfred Decided To Move On

Once Alfred’s brother moved out, he decided it was time to move on from the property. He indicated he was ready to sell in February of 2019. He wanted to downsize and move into something smaller. 4 Brothers Buy Houses set up a time to view the property in March and make an offer. The home needed some work–it needed a new air conditioning system, a new furnace, and a range of cosmetic updates. Alfred got an offer from 4 Brothers That Buy Houses that worked for him, and the two parties setup closing for May.

Getting An Advance And Selling On His Own Terms

Alfred needed money to be able to move out of the home before closings. 4 Brothers worked with Alfred and gave him an advance on the sale which allowed him to move into an apartment before the process ended. By May 20th, the property went into settlement, and Alfred got all of his money. Both parties were happy with the transaction, and Alfred was able to move on with his life. If you are like Alfred, and have a home in the state of Maryland that was left to you by family, it is important to understand that your property doesn’t have to be a burden. You can call 4 Brothers Buy Houses at any time and we’ll provide you with a no obligation quote. You don’t have to feel trapped, or that you’ll need tens of thousands of dollars for repairs before you can sell. 4 Brothers is able to provide many solutions other home buyers can’t, in order to make the home sale easier. How many buyers do you know that would give an advanced payment on a house before the purchase date? Contact our team today and we’ll work with you so that you can sell on your terms. We may even be able to provide you with an advance before closing is finalized. Don’t get frustrated with the traditional home sale process. You can sell your property on a timeline that works for you without sacrificing any of your time, money, or resources. Call 4 Brothers Buy Houses today and we’ll help you get started.
August 23, 2019

5 Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can dramatically increase your home’s value. If you are looking to sell your property, then a kitchen renovation might be key to getting that higher offer that you are looking for. When you renovate any room in your home, you want to follow a few simple rules. Obviously, you should set a budget for the project and you should know what you expect to get in terms of a financial return. But here’s everything you need to know beyond that:   
  • Make Sure Everything Works
  First things first–everything in the kitchen actually needs to work. You shouldn’t do half of a renovation, where you install new countertops but leave the old appliances that only work some of the time. You need to go all of the ways. Make sure everything, from the refrigerator to the dishwasher to the lights all work. You don’t want to have to explain to a prospective homebuyer why the sink isn’t working.  
  • Make Sure There Is Enough Countertop And Storage Space
  Kitchens need to have a strong aesthetic. However, they also need to have a reasonable amount of functionality. That means making sure that there are enough countertop and storage space throughout the room for prospective homebuyers. Think about making sure your countertops have a depth of 25 inches or more so that there is enough space for a family to cook.  
  • Increase The Lighting
  Adding new light fixtures to space can improve the ambivalence and the aesthetic. You don’t want cabinets to cast too many shadows throughout the space, so think about options such as pendant lighting and recess lighting. A dark kitchen can seem cold and uninviting. You want to establish the opposite emotion in prospective homebuyers.  
  • Upgrade The Appliances
  This may seem like an obvious one, but it still needs to be said. You need to upgrade the appliances in your kitchen during the renovation process. Upgraded appliances impress prospective buyers and make it easier for you to sell the property.   
  • The Room Should Have Flow
  It is very important that the kitchen not feel cluttered. You don’t want prospective buyers to feel like there isn’t enough space. The kitchen should flow so that you can easily move around the room without feeling cramped. If you don’t do this, then you may need to move some things around during your renovation.   If you aren’t sure if you want to go through with the renovation process, you may want to consider selling your property to 4 Brothers Buy Houses. 4 Brothers Buy Houses can give you a free, no-obligation quote at any time. You can sell your property and get the cash that you need immediately–without having to wait or go through the lengthy renovation. Avoid the renovation and home showcasing process by selling to 4 Brothers Buy Houses. You’ll get the cash you need when you want it.   
How “4 Brothers Buy Houses” Helped A Couple Sell Their Inherited Home
  At 4 Brothers Buy Houses, we specialize in helping families who have inherited homes to sell. We help these people sell these properties on their terms. Inheriting a home can be a surprise, and you may not fully understand all of the responsibilities that come with owning a property. Homes come with taxes, repair costs, and other unexpected fees and expenses. Here is a story of how one Maryland area family dealt with their inherited home.
The Inherited Home
Nine years ago, Phillip inherited a home from his wife’s parents. Phillip and his wife initially weren’t sure what to make of the home, which was in pretty rough shape, even though it was totally paid off. Phillip and his wife thought about selling right away but reconsidered. Phillip believed that he could turn the property around if he worked on repairing the property.   
Trying To Fix The Home Up
Phillip decided that he was going to work on fixing the property up himself so that he could put it on the market and make a solid return. The property was located in a solid area–Akron Street in Temple Hills, Maryland. Although the property had a good location, its condition made it extremely difficult for Phillip to maximize its value. Over the years, he sunk money and time into the property but wasn’t able to rehab it enough to put it back on the market. Even worse, the money started to feel like it was being thrown into a black hole, with no way to get any kind of return on the investment.  
Selling To 4 Brothers Buy Houses
After nine years of trying to fix the property up, Phillip’s wife finally convinced him to give it up. They were sinking an increasing amount of money into the property without a return, and it just wasn’t sustainable. Phillip had heard about 4 Brothers Buy Houses through a mailer. He called the company up and learned more about how they buy properties immediately, as is. Phillip decided to work with 4 Brothers Buy Houses because of their track record of success and professionalism. After some work on the title and closing, Phillip had finally sold the property and got cash for his investment. He and his wife could finally move on and use the money for the next phase of their lives.    If you have inherited a home in the Maryland area, don’t panic! You have options. Even if the home isn’t in great shape. You don’t have to sink thousands of dollars of your own money into the property, trying to fix it up on your own time. You can sell your property to 4 Brothers Buy Houses, just like Phillip did. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your property. You deserve to have options so that you can do what’s best for you and your family. Don’t get stuck with a property that you don’t want–contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses now.
August 20, 2019

How To Leave A Strong First Impression On Prospective Buyers

You’ve probably heard about how first impressions can leave a lasting image in someone’s mind. Research has proven that claim in the case of new people meeting each other. But it is also true when it comes to showcasing a home. The first feelings that a prospective buyer has about a home tend to be lasting ones. So if you want to create interest in your home, you need to make sure that you leave a strong first impression on buyers. Here’s how you can do just that.   
Curb Appeal Is Critical
  You want the pristine exterior of your home to be the first thing that prospective buyers see. That means getting rid of dead plants, repainting the walls if necessary, installing new windows, and potentially even purchasing a new door. Lawn work is also very important–you want all of the shrubs and grass to be trimmed, and to make sure that there isn’t any eyesore lawn furniture obstructing the view.   
Get Rid Of Clutter
  One of the best things you can do when selling a home is to put much of your own stuff in storage. Prospective homebuyers want to imagine themselves and their own belongings in your home–they don’t want to see all of your mementos and personal photos. You want the prospective buyer to envision themselves in the home, which is extremely difficult to do if all of your personal belongings are out. You don’t have to get rid of everything in the house. Leaving some furniture there is fine. But you don’t want to leave the personal items that make the house feel like it belongs to you and your family.   
Fix What’s Broken
  Remember that prospective buyer may want to see how the fan works, or check out the dishwasher. The last thing you want is for there to be broken appliances in the property when you are showing it to buyers. Make sure that you go through the property and fix what isn’t working before you begin showing it to buyers. Check for the big and the small things–things like leaks and light bulbs that don’t work, and even door handles that seem a little bit lost. You definitely want to fix the big-ticket items like sinks, bathtubs, and other appliances.  If you don’t want to go through the process of cleaning, repairing, or even renovating your home in order to appeal to homebuyers, then you’re not alone. It can be a long, frustrating, and expensive process after all. The good news is that you have options. You can sell your property to 4 Brothers Buy Houses immediately, without the hassle of showing your property off to multiple groups of prospective buyers. 4 Brothers Buy Houses can give you a free, no-obligation quote at any time. Call today and see how you can sell your property on your timeline.
August 16, 2019

How To Figure Out The Right Time To Sell

Thinking about selling your house? Each year, millions of Americans consider if they should sell their home or stay in it and continue to pay the mortgage each month. Figuring out the right time to sell can be difficult, even for the most seasoned homeowners. There are several different factors that can influence your decision, including your equity, the housing market, and even your emotional attachment to the property. Let’s take a look at how you can make the best possible decision about selling your home.   
If You Have Enough Equity
  If you have negative equity, selling is a bad option–it is a short sale. You want to sell when you have enough equity in your home that you actually make money on the deal. You can figure out your equity by subtracting your mortgage balance from your home’s estimated fair value. If you have a lot of equity in your home, it may be tempting to sell your property and take ahold of the cash.  
You Want To Buy A More Affordable Home
  Maybe you feel like your mortgage is squeezing you dry. If that is the case, you may be living a bit beyond your means. You make be looking to sell your property in order to get into a more affordable and sustainable situation. This is a pretty good reason to sell, as long as you don’t have to move so quickly that you have to take the first offer that you get.  
If Your Home Value Has Increased Significantly
  In some areas of the country, home values are increasing rapidly. That means your home could be worth much more than what you paid for it when you purchased it. This is often the case in major metro areas and their immediate suburbs. In areas such as Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco, housing prices continue to increase as demand for land in those cities rises. You can check with a real estate professional to get a solid idea of how much your home is actually worth. Going off online sites can be misleading, so you want to work with a professional to truly figure out how much your home value has increased. Even if you like your property, you may want to sell in this case to get the extra cash you could use for investing, retirement, or personal hobbies.  Decided that you are definitely selling your property? You may want to think about selling to 4 Brothers Buy Houses. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will purchase your property immediately. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote shortly after you call. You don’t have to go through the hassle of the traditional sale process, where you have to fix your home up and show it to prospective buyers for months. Skip the open houses and real estate agent calls and get real cash for your home right away. Contact us today!
August 12, 2019

What You Need To Know About Dual Agency Relationships

If you are looking to sell your home, it is important that you understand dual agency relationships. A dual agency relationship can occur if the buyer and seller of the home each have an agent who is licensed under the same broker. This naturally presents a problem when it comes to conflict of interest. What is best for the buyer may not be what’s best for the seller, but the real estate agent, in this case, would represent both parties. In some cases, the sale is rather cut and dry and dual agency relationships aren’t a big issue. But either way, it is important to understand what that kind of relationship entails.   
Dual Agency Relationships Must Be Disclosed
  Dual agency relationships aren’t allowed in all 50 states. But the states that do allow them to require agents to disclose the relationship to both of their clients. Both parties must also accept the dual agency in order to complete the transaction. If either party declines to accept dual agency, the transaction cannot go through. You absolutely want to know if you are in a dual agency relationship before going any further with the real estate sale.  
There Are Negatives Associated With Dual Agency That You Need To Know About
  Even if you don’t believe that a dual agency relationship will affect you, you need to be aware of the potential downsides. In a dual agency relationship, the agent must adhere to certain restrictions. These restrictions prevent the agent from providing advice on how much the buyer should offer. They also prevent the agent from advising a seller on whether to accept or reject an offer that has already been provided. In many cases, this prevents the agent from being able to provide the best possible advice to their real estate clients.   
Is It Right For You?
  In most cases, a dual agency relationship probably isn’t the right move. That’s because, without the full range of advice from a real estate professional, many buyers and sellers make mistakes during the sale. Dual agency relationships may be advisable if you already know exactly what you want and don’t need much advice from a real estate professional. If you aren’t sure what you want or may need some advice during the process, then a dual agency probably isn’t a good idea.  If you are looking to sell your property quickly without worrying about dual agency relationships, then give 4 Brothers Buy Houses a call. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your property today. You don’t have to worry about going through the traditional selling process where you spend weeks trying to find the right agent. Instead, you can get a quote immediately and decide if you want to sell your house for cash. If you are in the DC area and want to sell your property, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses now!
July 29, 2019

How To Sell A Home That Needs Significant Repairs

Interested in selling a property that requires some major repairs? Perhaps you need a bathroom renovation. Or maybe you need to completely repair the roof. Whatever the case may be, you can sell a property that needs major repairs, even though it may be a bit more difficult and time consuming. You may decide to renovate, but you should consider the costs and potential returns before making the final call. You could also decide to sell “as-is,” meaning that you won’t negotiate any potential repairs or renovations with prospective buyers during the sale. Here’s how you can sell a home that is in need of significant repairs.   
Should You Renovate?
  The decision on whether or not to renovate has major financial implications. A successful renovation can improve the value of your home. But not all renovations bring the same return. The top five highest returns come from:
  • Bathroom remodeling (average cost of $10,500, average return of 102%)
  • Landscaping updates (average cost of around $5,000, average return of 100%)
  • Kitchen remodeling (average cost of around $15,000, average return of 98.5%)
  • Exterior improvements to the home, such as buying a new front door (average cost of about $7,250, average turn of 93.3%)
  • Converting the attic into a bedroom (average cost of about $40,000, average return of 93.2%)
Options For Paying For Home Renovations
  The returns above might sound attractive, but the pricing can get expensive for some sellers, especially if they don’t have the cash on hand. Let’s talk about options for paying for a home renovation. Here are the typical options for receiving a loan for home renovations:
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Home equity loan
  • Credit cards
  • Borrowing from your 401k
    Refinancing your mortgage can free up some additional money for renovations, and it is the most commonly used option. A HELOC, or home equity line of credit, is essentially a loan that is taken against your equity. HELOCs are similar to credit cards in that you can spend up to a certain amount and pay it back over time. Home equity loans are similar to HELOCs, but have a fixed interest rate and are only for a set amount. Using a credit card may be preferable for small renovations, but borrowing from your 401k may be an option for larger ones. Be mindful-any amount you borrow must be repaid within five years, and the money will come out of your paycheck.    
Selling Your Home As-Is
    If you want to sell your property immediately, then you should consider working with 4 Brothers Buy Houses. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will purchase your home for cash, and you won’t have to make any costly repairs or renovations to the property. Major renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and there is no guarantee that you are going to get a positive return for your efforts. By selling to 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you can get value for your property right away, without the time, money, and frustration that goes along with home repairs. Get your free, no obligation quote today.