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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a couple of questions, that’s perfectly normal; many people do. Below, you’ll find some frequently asked questions along with their answers. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any more questions. We’d be happy to assist you.

Q: Do you want to buy my home outright, or will you sell it on the MLS?
A: Unlike real estate agents, we operate differently here at 4 Brothers Buy Houses. We specialize in purchasing homes directly. Specifically, we buy homes in Washington DC Metro Area that meet our buying standards. We don’t rely on bank financing, ensuring a smoother transaction process. After acquiring a property, we may choose to keep it as a rental or renovate it before selling it to another homeowner.

Q: In what ways do your services distinguish themselves from those of a traditional real estate agent?
A: Real estate agents list properties, showcase them to potential buyers, and earn a percentage of the sale price, typically ranging from 3% to 6%. While agents provide valuable services for those willing to wait months and pay commissions, we operate differently as direct home buyers. Our company purchases properties directly from you, making prompt decisions often within a few days. Conducting all-cash transactions, we assume the risk, handle repairs, and independently market the property to find a buyer.

Q: Are the prices you offer for properties fair?
A: We often acquire properties below market value to facilitate profitable resale. Seeking a fair discount, we understand that many sellers appreciate our quick, hassle-free process without the need for repairs or agent fees. If you value a swift sale and wish to explore a mutually beneficial price, our no-obligation pricing commitment offers flexibility—you’re not obligated to accept our offer, but understanding our proposal can be valuable!

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Q: What is the volume of places you typically purchase?
A: We acquire numerous properties to ensure competitive pricing for you. While our profit margins may be smaller, our collective transactions accumulate, benefiting both parties and our communities. If we don’t purchase your property directly, one of our investment partners may step in. Collaborating with seasoned professionals in property flipping, we also engage local, trustworthy attorneys to expedite the closing process, ensuring a seamless selling experience for you.

Q: How do you or your company decide what you will offer me on my property?
A: Our approach is straightforward. We assess the property’s location, necessary repairs, current condition, and prices of similar homes sold nearby. After considering these factors, we determine a fair price that aligns with both parties’ interests.

Q: Are any fees or commissions associated with partnering with your services, or is it straightforward?
A: Here’s what sets us apart from the usual selling process: If you sell directly to us, no fees or commissions are involved, unlike listing fees, which may cost you up to 6% out of pocket. If our offer suits you, we’ll purchase your property without additional hassles or expenses. Sometimes, we even cover the closing costs. Our profit comes after investing in repairs and successfully selling the property. We shoulder the selling risks, allowing you to move on without the property’s burdens and with funds in hand.

Q: Will I need to clean up my home before you purchase it?
A: You’re not required to clean or repair any aspect of your home. Simply leave it as it is, and we’ll handle everything after the purchase. It’s a convenience our clients appreciate when selling in this manner.

Q: Will you consider purchasing my property even if it’s in disrepair?
A: Yes! Renovating properties is within our business scope. We anticipate making necessary repairs and enhancements to increase the market value post-purchase. This spares you the inconvenience of managing these tasks independently and allows you to achieve a comparable selling price without prolonged hassles. While we typically aim to close the transaction within a month, in some instances, it can happen as quickly as two or three weeks. Our goal is to simplify the process of selling your property.

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