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April 25, 2019

How To Avoid Costly Home Repairs

Taking care of your home can help you avoid expensive repairs down the line. If you avoid handling maintenance issues on your property, those issues can balloon into major problems that you’ll have to address immediately, at a much higher price. Obviously, it is impossible to predict every home repair that you are going to need. But you can cut down on repair costs significantly by keeping track of important systems. Major repairs to your roof or your foundation can easily cost you thousands of dollars. Here are a few ways that you can avoid those costly home repairs.

Check Your Roof Bi­annually

Checking your roof every six months or so will help to prevent you from potentially expensive repairs. You want to find small leaks or issues with shingles before they become major problems. For instance, a small leak can grow into a large one which damages your home’s attic or insulation. These leaks can also leak to the growth of mold, and even structural damage throughout your property.

Keep Track Of Your Drainage

Foundation problems can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix. The majority of foundation issues come from water that is continually seeping into the soil, which can crack or split the foundation over long periods of time. Make sure that your drainage isn’t clogged and that water is not pooling close to your home’s foundation. Gutter extensions are worth getting to prevent foundation damage!

Don’t Forget Your HVAC Systems

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are critically important to your home and your comfort level when you and your family are inside. This system can cost several thousand dollars to replace, and several hundred to repair. Check your filters on a regular basis and look for coolant leaks. Also, watch out for an accumulation of dust near the air conditioning coils.

Old Pipes Can Cause Costly Backups

When sewer pipes get clogged, they can cause an expensive backup that can cost several thousand dollars to fix. The older the pipes, the more likely they are to have issues with clogging. We advise having a plumber come by and inspect your sewer lines about once every year or so. This doesn’t cost much and can help prevent serious clogging problems.

Check For Termites

Termites are pests that can cause serious structural damage to your home. Termites eat wood and can be extremely difficult to get rid of once they’ve created a nest. Check for wood that buckles or floors that seem swollen. Some termites nests may smell similar to mold. The best way to prevent a termite infestation is to hire a professional inspector who checks your property. This can be done every year or two. Remember, the longer you wait, the more expensive the repair becomes. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will buy your home as­is. We give fair offers to homeowners who want to sell their house quickly without the hassle of going through the traditional property sale process. If you are looking to sell your Temple Hills, MD house fast without the need for the escrow period, the open house process, or expensive home repairs, then you may be interested in selling to 4 Brothers Buy Homes. Call us today and get a no obligation free quote. 202­780­9793