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April 25, 2019

4 Tips For Selling With A Renter In The House

Selling your home can be a difficult affair, even without tenants involved. You’ll need to consider maintenance and repairs, working with a real estate agent, and coordinating showings with prospective buyers. When the property being sold has a tenant involved, things can get outright complicated very quickly. Each state has its own laws regarding tenants’ legal protections, so you should evaluate state and local law before deciding on selling your property. Reviewing tenancy law with a qualified attorney is a great way to avoid a lawsuit because you weren’t aware of the current state law. Once you’ve consulted with an attorney and caught up on state tenancy law, it is time to start thinking about how you can make the process of selling your occupied property easier. Here are four tips that you can make use of to simplify the process of selling your home:

1. Coordinate With Your Tenant And Real Estate Agent

When selling your property, you’ll want to coordinate things between your hired real estate agent and your tenant. That means working around your tenant’s schedule and letting your real estate agent know that they will need advance notice before showing the property due to it having an occupant. Make sure to get a working framework between the two parties, so that your tenant and real estate agent know what to expect.

2. Help Your Tenant Maintain The Property Throughout The Showing Process

Your tenant already might be dealing with looking for a new place to live, and you want them to work with you throughout this process. A good way to help your tenant keep the property in prime condition is to offer cleaning services that you pay for. Paying for yard service and interior cleaning will improve your property’s appeal while making things easier for your tenant. Or you can even offer them compensation for keeping it up while you try to sell it.

3. Make Sure Your Tenant Isn’t On The Property During Showings

Prospective buyers don’t want to feel the pressure of the current resident following them around during showings. They will need to move freely through the property during this process. You should offer your tenant a gift card for a meal at their favorite restaurant or another small perk while you are showing the property to prospective buyers.

4. Offer Assistance During Your Tenant’s Moving Process

Keep in mind that the sale of your home is a hassle for your tenants too, and they may need assistance finding a new place to live. If you can make recommendations or know local listings, offering your help may make your tenants more cooperative throughout this process. Selling your tenant occupied the property to an investor can help you avoid some of the traditional issues of selling homes with tenants. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will buy your Kensington, MD home without the need for an inspection or an open house. You can finalize the sale of your home in just days instead of waiting for weeks or months to complete the process. We make it easy to sell your tenant occupied rental. Click here for information on how we buy rental properties: